Camera Operators & Editors Wanted!

Fairytale Productions is always on the look out for talented & experienced Camera Operators and Video Editors to add to our team. If you are looking to share your incredible skills with our clients, and want a professional, motivated company to get you the gigs that you need, read on, and when finished, fill out the form below to get started!

WARNING: You must LOVE Weddings to be considered!

We are seeking those with the following…

• Has a real LOVE of capturing / editing weddings
• Understands how to tell a story
• Knows how to loosen up and have fun while maintaining a professional attitude
• Is able to take constructive criticism to better your final products
• Is frequently Available on the weekend – especially during the busy season
• Is able to commit to bookings as far in advance as 1 year
• Reliable
• Professional
• Courteous
• Creative

• Has a real drive for learning the craft of capturing weddings in a modern way – constantly improving their work

Please DON’T contact us if:
• You allow your EGO to interfere with being Professional and Courteous.
• You DO NOT like weddings, and are only in it for the money
• You like to drink on the job
• You like to party and “hit on” the guests while at the event.
• You can’t take constructive critisism
• You aren’t available most Friday’s and Saturday’s

YES! I’m Interested …

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon! Thank you!