You’ve got to love what you do to really make things happen.

We LOVE weddings – the people, the little details, the traditions, and the emotions of the day.

My name is Tom Haynes, founder of Fairytale Productions. When my wife Jeanette and I were married back in 2002, we thought we had it all figured out for our wedding. We booked what we could afford for a photographer and DJ, but pretty much did everything else ourselves – including the video! The master plan was to have my uncle film our wedding. Well, I can’t say that the video turned out great, in fact, it was downright awful to watch, but it launched my understanding of editing and what not to do when filming a wedding! My next project was only a few months later when I had my cousin ask me to film her wedding day. This time, I was the one behind the cameras. I used four cheap cameras (all borrowed), set each one on the only tripods that could be purchased locally, and walked from camera to camera the entire day so that I could adjust the view periodically for each angle. Everything worked out well, and the final feature video for my family actually turned out awesome after MANY grueling hours of editing. Watching the bride (my cousin) watch the wedding video that I had put together and the joy and emotion that was on her face had me hooked – I had found my passion, and I haven’t stopped learning the craft since! My wife named the company Fairytale Productions, and that’s how it all started.

Fairytale Productions has grown some since those days of being a one man shop. Our standards have greatly improved – we now only use high-end equipment – no more borrowing cameras! In order to improve the production quality and handle the high demand for our videos, we now have more than 10 videographers – many of them highly trained at various film institutions, the rest trained by yours truly. We also have some of the industry’s best (in my opinion) editors working with us. We stay on top of the latest trends and update our equipment regularly so that we are offering the best service possible. Everyone involved in each project has been carefully selected and are continuously perfecting their filming and storytelling techniques.

Our Other Amazing Services

For many years, we had only focused on wedding videos, or films as we like to call them. We have always kept in touch with the different talents in our industry, and after hearing from brides about their horror stories when dealing with some of their other vendors, we decided that it was time to help ease their wedding planning pains by simply adding all other services. During the 2009 season, one of my fellow camera operators (who was also a wedding DJ) and I decided to add wedding DJ services to our company. It wasn’t long after that when we started calling our favorite wedding photographers we had been working with for many years to see if they would also like to join our team.

In 2012, we rounded out our services with premium photo booth rentals, and we opened up a new office on the gulf coast of Florida offering all four services for the greater Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Orlando areas!

The End Result:

One highly trusted company offering some of the best services in the area. We currently offer wedding videography, wedding photography, wedding dj services, and top of the line photo booth rentals. If you think you can’t have it all from one company… and that a jack of all trades is a master of none… think again! We hold the same standards for all services – so if you love the one, you are sure to love the rest. We are thrilled to have been selected as Bride’s Choice 2012 & 2013, Couple’s Choice 2014, and Best of Weddings 2015 and we have received amazing testimonials from our wonderful clients.

So if you are looking for a credible company with a long track record of producing quality products and services – please contact us today! We love what we do, we believe in our services, and we are happy to build the perfect package for you and your unique event.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Tom Haynes
Fairytale Productions